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Breakthrough Sessions at essentia

What is a Breakthrough Session?

The breakthrough session is an intensive and powerful full-day therapy session involving NLP, Time Line Therapy and hypnotherapy. It gets to the root cause of your issues and enables emotional healing at the deepest level.

Feelings of loss, grief, trauma, rejection and neglect can affect how we value ourselves. Feelings of this type can cause low self-confidence and lead to day-to-day choices that reinforce a negative pattern. A breakthrough session can help you break the habit and create a solid sense of self-worth.

How Can A Breakthrough Session Help?

A breakthrough session enables you to:

  • Come to terms with the past
  • Make peace with yourself and others
  • Gain a new perspective on life
  • Resolve and let go of emotional pain

We will aim to resolve your issues and enable you to fully and positively engage with life in a new way.


The first step is to get in touch for an initial consultation. We will talk through your issues and establish if a breakthrough session right for you. Before proceeding, you may choose to have several therapy sessions to ensure you are in the right place to make an everlasting and deep-rooted change.

The Breakthrough Session itself is a 6-8 hour session during which you will communicate honestly with yourself and resolve any underlying emotional issues affecting your life.

We will define what you see as your main issue, how you represent it in your mind and how it expresses itself in your life. We will look at the root cause, and, using applied therapies, begin to redefine yourself in relation to the problem.

You may find that your old patterns or beliefs no longer suits you due to the changes made during a breakthrough session. You may wish to make small or large changes to your life as a result. Essentia offers follow up support for up to a year after your breakthrough session, either through further life coaching or mentoring.

"I came to see Caroline at Essentia Counselling & Psychotherapy for a one day Breakthrough Session as a last resort. I had been to therapists from all walks of life and after 5 years of trying unsuccessfully to get to the root of my concerns this was my last hope. All I can say is WOW! Thank you! My whole perspective has changed for the better and I feel like I have come through a very dark period in my life. I now have the courage to run my own business and live the life I only dreamt of before meeting you. Thank you again Caroline, my life is full of colour now!" - LM, Cheltenham

caroline evans

counsellor & psychotherapist

Essentia Counselling & Psychotherapy

Based in the Cheltenham/Gloucestershire area, Essentia Counselling & Psychotherapy offers individual, couples and family counselling in a peaceful and confidential environment. Caroline recognises that each person is unique, and tailors her services for your needs, circumstances and personality. Our range of therapies is offered in both English and Turkish language sessions.

Whatever you want to achieve, Essentia is here to empower and enable you to live your best life.

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