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counsellor & psychotherapist

A few kind words from my much valued clients and their families

I am very privileged and honoured to have been allowed to enter their lives, not only to support them to create a sense of self worth and encourage them to make more meaningful choices, but also to give them precious tools to take with them for the rest of their lives.

"I approached Caroline because I had become aware that I was suffering from insomnia. I expected to be given a few tips for aiding my sleep. In fact Caroline immediately realised that there was a deeper issue that was on my mind. I was able to talk about various issues in my life which we all have experienced. The difference is Caroline helped me understand them. The result has been I'm sleeping again! More importantly when I have a stressful situation, I have the confidence to deal with it and still sleep. I want to write a testimonial for others to read and be encouraged by. The cost of counselling is a short term expenditure, now I have finished with my counselling, for now, I can honestly say if I had known how much it would have helped me I would have considered paying thousands of pounds! This whole experience has been a monumental turning point in my life . Thank you so much Caroline." - PB, Cheltenham

"I would like to thank you for giving my husband and me our 15 year old daughter back - we were at the end of our tether with her behaviour and attitude and the whole family were suffering. She is now back on track, happy, healthy and relishing life. Thank you Caroline - we all thank you!" - Mr & Mrs M, Cheltenham

"Caroline supported us rediscover how to communicate with each other in a caring and respectful way. Caroline helped us to understand that the problems in our relationship were not abnormal and helped us to articulate and listen to each other's needs and feelings without judgement. We are so grateful for Caroline's open, thoughtful and relaxed approach and say a big thank you for showing us the path back to trusting love." - Mr and Mrs D, Cheltenham

"I was feeling apprehensive about discussing my concerns , Caroline at Essentia Counselling & Psychotherapy helped me feel relaxed and safe. Through our sessions I recognised that she not only helped me to see alternative perspectives, but that she genuinely cared. She is highly professional and with her exceptional experience I strongly recommend her." - David, Tewkesbury

"Caroline was easy to talk to and it was helpful and it was easy to discuss my issues in a supportive situation I value the 'connection' and rapport that Caroline and I have been able to establish, her encouragement, warmth and true empathy helped through a very difficult period, she provides a very worthwhile and life changing service." - Sarah, Cheltenham

"After trying lots of different therapists and therapies over the years I had almost given up and was at my tether’s end until I met Caroline. At last a really intelligent, grounded and knowledgeable therapist who actually took so much time to adapt her methods and experience to suit what worked best for me. Can honestly say her words at some very critical times in my life have saved me. I now have a new love for life and appreciation of what really matters." - Nicola, Cheltenham

"Caroline came into my life at a time when I really needed help to move forward. I had left my marriage and I thought I had wasted my life trying to make my relationship work which caused me to have a breakdown. I had also taken on a mortgage on a house of my own, so daunting. Caroline helped to believe in myself again, to question my feelings about myself and also my husband and how he was coping. I started to learn how to prioritise my concerns. After 5 years I still am so grateful that I was helped to get my life back on track and to be able to take some control! The skills I learned enabled me to cope with redundancy and the attendant lack of validation. I am certain that without Caroline I would not be able to face my life knowing that most of the time I can cope. I was helped to rethink how I looked at life which I believe to be vital to good mental health putting it simply and speaking from the heart, if Caroline could help me then she can help you." - PMH, Gloucestershire

"Caroline at Essentia Counselling really helped me during a very difficult and stressful time in my life. Caroline is a wonderful and warm person and she truly helped me to begin to see light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Thank you for all your kindness and support." - Lorraine, Scotland

"I was feeling apprehensive about discussing my concerns, Caroline helped me to feel relaxed and safe. Throughout our sessions I recognised that not only she helped me to see alternative perspectives, but that she genuinely listened to me. She is highly professional with many years of experience and I strongly recommend her." - DC, Gloucestershire

"Smoking is something I watch other people doing with such relief and pride that I have overcome this habit, your gentle and determined encouragement has certainly helped me where other techniques have failed. Thank you so much for giving me back my health!" - JD, Cheltenham

"Many thanks for helping me overcome my fear of heights. My life is so much more uninhibited - I have just returned from taking my young children up the Eiffel Tower, something I would never have dreamt possible before seeing you." - SM, Gloucestershire

"I was really anxious about coming but found Caroline immediately put me at ease. It was helpful to discuss my problems in a supportive and confidential way and I value the 'connection' and rapport that Caroline and I have been able to establish, her encouragement, warmth and true empathy helped through a very difficult period, she provides a very worthwhile and life changing service." - SF, Cheltenham

"Thank you for being such a huge support to our daughter... we think every parent of a teenager should have your number on speed dial! Many thanks!" - The G family, Cheltenham

"A wonderful outcome… everyone should do it!" - RF, Bristol

"Caroline really helped me to understand my issues and gave me the confidence to deal with them. It's a daily battle but one which is made easier through her advice and guidance." - GE, Cheltenham

"Caroline was my counsellor through two difficult periods of my life. The first part came by way of a recommendation from a friend who could see with the many things going on, that I needed some help. After an initial phone call I met with Caroline in Cheltenham and we began a series of appointments. She found a way to help me see through the mess which was, at that time, my life. After sessions I’d leave feeling lighter, being lighter to be truthful, and also at times very tired through the deeper counselling and relaxation techniques applied. Through my sessions with Caroline I emerged whole again, and able to continue on, feel better about myself and able to cope with any further challenges. My second set of visits were following on from the loss of a parent and during a negative relationship; having been to Caroline before, it felt natural to return. Again we explored roots, thoughts, feelings, emotions (into visual colours at times) and more relaxation techniques. I could not recommend Caroline further, and always do to those who, like me, needed rescuing. Plus she’s the only person to call me Blossom, and will always be someone I know I can lean on should I need to" - LJ, Gloucestershire

"I can’t thank you enough in helping me put down the past, focus on the positives and look forward to a future that I am at last in control of." - NB, Cheltenham

caroline evans

counsellor & psychotherapist

Essentia Counselling & Psychotherapy

Based in the Cheltenham/Gloucestershire area, Essentia Counselling & Psychotherapy offers individual, couples and family counselling in a peaceful and confidential environment. Caroline recognises that each person is unique, and tailors her services for your needs, circumstances and personality. Our range of therapies is offered in both English and Turkish language sessions.

Whatever you want to achieve, Essentia is here to empower and enable you to live your best life.

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